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  • Version: 3.1.0

A Generator of File Thumbnails for Videos

Icaros is a multimedia freeware built for creating thumbnails for videos on Windows Explorer. The freeware is a helpful tool for identifying every video format which is compatible with FFmpeg. It supports most of the standard video formats that are commonly used today. This freeware comes with custom parsers that enable the production of Cover Art thumbnails. Users can finally sort out videos if they find the default thumbnails very confusing due to their generic, uniform appearance. It also generates Windows Explorer properties for popular media codecs. This freeware requires .NET 4.0 package to be initially installed first before starting with the thumbnail creation.


  • Provide video thumbnails
  • Supports FFmpeg
  • Custom parsers
  • Compatible with video formats


  • Requires .NET 4.0
  • Too simple functionality
  • Might not work with other video files
  • Thumbnails might be low quality

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Icaros 3.1.0 for PC

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